Marathon word counts so far

As per a request, here are the wordcounts in the marathon so far:

9th June: 700 words
10th June: 700 words
11th June: 0 words. (Let’s not talk about Thursday.)
12th June: 500 words
13th June: 700 words

Today’s goal was to make it over 1000 words for the day. Hubby was home all day, small man is feeling better. I planned to do two sessions of 500 words each.  But I ended up doing a morning session of 700 words, and then collapsing into a fevered mess in the afternoon.

Still, I made my daily, and that counts.  Oh, and the round numbers are because I am handwriting, and not doing type-ins this month.  I write about 200 words/page, so it’s an approximate value.

I think I’m going to have to try and manage a double writing session at least once a week.  The trick will be to fit it in without sacrificing family or work.  Or personal hygiene.


2 thoughts on “Marathon word counts so far

  1. Yeah, but those she lives with might not appreciate it. ;)

    Just don’t push yourself too hard while you’re sick.

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