The lurgy

I have the lurgy. Connor has the lurgy.  So I’m sick and miserable, and looking after a sick and miserable baby.

We cope with this by drinking lots of fluids and curling up to watch “Pride and Prejudice” marathons on TV.  He has very discerning tastes.

700 words again last night, though they may be a bit vague, as I was pretty feverish when I wrote them.  Another 2 days of writing and I will be halfway to replacing the cuts.

Except I just realised that a couple of MC2’s scenes need to be cut, as they no longer make sense.  Oh well.  I’ll cut them in July.  I’ve done enough surgery for one month.  I just want to see the wordcount going up for a change.


11 thoughts on “The lurgy

  1. Sometimes, I wonder what random wires get crossed in my brain. I was just trying to figure out how that word could come from meaning a religious rite to mean the icks. This lasted up until I actually found the correct spelling for liturgy. :p

    And people wonder why I have so many drafts before releasing. I can’t trust what my brain comes up with in the first round.

    • I’m fine with bloat and nonsense. It’s just that all those scenes no longer exist in the story, thanks to the rebirth of MC1. So they’ve got to go.

      I promise to leave all bloat and nonsense there until revision time. And don’t worry, there’s plenty…

  2. “The dreaded lurgy” was originally coined by Spike Milligan in the BBC Radio production, “The Goon Show”.

    Like Maui says, it’s pronounced “ler-gee”. It means any unidentifiable sickness.

  3. How in the world does one pronounce that word. I want to use it.

    Get better soon, bb. *sends german get-better-soon chocolate to M and babee*

  4. It’s more than just winter … it seems like everyone is sick at the moment. Or maybe it’s just seeming more obvious to me. Hope you get well soon, but in the meantime, Austen has you in good hands.

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