Liquid Story Binder video tutorials

Rosepetals over at Media through rose-tinted glasses has a series of video tutorials up about using Liquid Story Binder.

I haven’t watched all of them, but they are very well done, with good commentary and relaxing music to boot.  So if you like the video format, drop in and see what she has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Liquid Story Binder video tutorials

  1. If you’re interested in checking out the tutorials, the above links are dead. The following link will take you directly to her video tuts page on “Writing Through Rose Tinted Glasses”

    Or you can check out her tuts on Youtube, just search for LSBXE tutorials or Rosepetals1984. She’s got about 20 of them over there.

    Good Tutorials, thanks to Merrilee for posting!

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