Authors talking about editors

My own method of dealing with editorial criticism is a multi-step process: 1) I allow myself to get angry or bitchy or annoyed that the editor didn’t understand what should be perfectly obvious, and to steam about it for a few hours; 2) I reconsider the comment a day or so later and decide that maybe she has a point; after all she’s very smart and she wouldn’t have bought the book if she didn’t love it (and she wants it to succeed as much as I do); 3) I make a genuine attempt to address the issue without sacrificing anything I consider integral to the book. (I should mention here that in our first meeting, she said nothing that made me worry about this kind of foundational upheaval, e.g., she didn’t say, “no gay sex” or “no stray-kitten subplots,” both of which were important to me and cut against the grain of conventional publishing wisdom, at least as I perceived it; and to her credit, I never felt anything but secure in my overarching vision for the book.) – Matthew Gallaway.

Camilla sent me to this page via twitter and it’s a real eye opener for any writer trying to break into publishing.  Read, be amused, but also learn.

Also, Parsec Ink has the submission details up for their Last Contact anthology – this is a great market, well worth your time.

3 thoughts on “Authors talking about editors

  1. Oh darn, I saw that Last Contact opportunity yesterday and was just thinking, ‘hey, maybe this could be my January suggestion!’ but I see you beat me to it :P

    Thanks for the shout-out! :D

  2. Y’know, I’ve been reading this same article and plan to put a Haven Kimmel (one of my favorite authors) quote from it on my blog. It really is a worthwhile article and I second Merrilee’s suggestion to go read….

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