Past the Borders by Christopher Hayes-Kossmann

A magician leads one hundred soldiers into the desert on a doomed mission. A young couple watch the rain sweep in and swallow the outside world. First contact at Uluru. Electronic eyes packed with stolen memories. In Past the Borders, the first short story collection by Christopher Ruz, seven pieces of speculative fiction explore the boundaries of fantasy, cyberpunk and literary horror.  Available on Kindle through Amazon.

I’ve long been a fan of Chris’s work.  I’ve read most of these stories already, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  Do a young artist a favour and pick up a copy.  Ant Tower, especially, is not to be missed if you like your fantasy gritty, dark and real.


2 thoughts on “Past the Borders by Christopher Hayes-Kossmann

  1. Glad to see you back. Nick Enlowe recommended your blog, and I was worried at first when I saw there’d been no activity in a while. He and I were relieved to learn that you’d been on a trip and had returned.

  2. Hi Merrilee — just checking in. I thought you said you were making a big move sometime around now. Hope it’s going well and you’ll be back in blogland before long! Keep us posted on the move. Miss your posts!

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