Being the all-or-nothing gal that I am, I’ve been concentrating all my focus on getting settled back into the house and working on the new job.  So much so that 2 months(!!) have gone by.

Where did they go?  I just can’t get my head around the fact that we have been here two months already.  I haven’t written a thing, but the house and garden are starting to take shape and work is exhausting but brilliant.

So in case you haven’t guessed, the sequel to the Creativity Workshop is off for another year.  But maybe now that I’ve surfaced, I can get back to regular posting.  And writing, well, there are a pile of notebooks that need transcribing, and a novella to finish, and some stories that really need to go out on submission before the dust on them starts growing potatoes…

Sorry!  I hope everyone is well and enjoying the winter/summer (depending on where you are).  Drop me a line and tell me what you have been up to so far, and explain why it’s June already…


24 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Welcome back, Merrilee! We missed you and your insights and good ideas.

    I’m gearing up to make my novella, Just Desserts: Greed. Lust. Death. Tiramisu available as an ebook via Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Still wrestling with the formatting, though…

    Good luck with your writing challenge.

  2. Glad to hear that you’ve started to settle in to your new home. I find house moves very unsettling. I shall look forward to your next writing workshop but remember, we all do this sort of thing because we want to. Don’t beat yourself up because more important things got in the way. I’ve had to tell myself this over and over again recently because my Mum died in April and I’ve done very little other than blogging since.

  3. Welcome back. Glad things are shaping up at the new place. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for the globally inclusive seasonal well-wishing. I heartily reciprocate from here in the American midwest, where it can be 5 degrees C one day and 30 the next.

  4. Hi Merrilee. See, we’re all still here. Wow, since you last posted, I finished writing another novel, started a new one, and (finally!) signed the contract for the audiobook of TimeSplash. Now, I’m not saying that isn’t just coincidence, but…

  5. Merrilee!!! I was thinking about you just this morning, wondering how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. Let’s see…I’m still writing, polishing up Speck and working on first drafts for two new projects. Other than that, I’m still baking a baby (a boy!) and have a little over 10 weeks until the due date. :) Good to see an update from you! Glad to hear y’all have settled in well from the move!

  6. Hey, you moved. I think that gets you some slack. Me, I’ve just blown my schedule all to hell and have to reap the consequences. :p

  7. I’m a bit disappointed that the CW sequel has been postponed but I totally get it! I can’t believe it’s been two months since you were posting about having arrived. I can’t begin to explain how it’s June and it’s July next week. I mean to say… what just happened?! Enjoy getting back into the writing. xx

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