100 words for 100 days

So to get myself back on the wagon, I’m initiating a personal challenge: 100 words for 100 days. Start day is today.

Well, actually, the start day was Friday.  But I was too tired, so I sort of fiddled about on the net, then went to bed early.  So I decided to start Saturday, but we went to a party and I had a drink and was in bed by 8:30pm.

As you can see, drastic measures are called for.  So I’m going public.  Hold me accountable, people.  100 words a day for 100 days, or else.

And if anyone else is in need of a kick-start, come and join me.  Drop your name in at the bottom of this post, and prepare to be badgered, peer-pressured and generally arse-kicked into writing.

It’s time to stop making excuses.

18 thoughts on “100 words for 100 days

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  4. Merrilee’s back!

    I’ve just finished a two week exam block, and with studying etc, I haven’t really written anything in quite a few weeks, so this is a good idea! I aim for 300 words/day, but if I had 100 words as a minimum I’d have no excuses not to write! Count me in!

  5. I love this!! But for now I’ll be quietly cheering from the sidelines – right now I’m coming to the end of a Cert IV qualification and have assignments out the whatsit. I could possibly manage 10 words for 10 days, but anything more will need to wait LOL!

    So YAY Merrilee and everyone else. Go go go!!! :-D

  6. I’m in! And what perfect timing – I’m just finishing up a literature course (exam on Monday) and can’t wait for a break from academic writing. It is still Saturday where I am (Toronto, Canada) – guess I’ll keep studying for the exam tonight and write my first 100 words tomorrow?

    By the way, I’m not a blogger or a professional writer, just an amateur who has benefited greatly from following your Creativity Workshop. Will I need a blog to participate, or can I report my progress through comments?

    • Welcome aboard, Jill! You can post your numbers here in the comments. I’ll be trying to do a daily update, and hope to hear from everyone on how they are going.

  7. !!!
    I was thinking the exact same thing the other day. The exact same thing. Except .. not 100 words, and not 100 days. So I guess it’s not the EXACT same thing. LOL. I was thinking more of an extended personal NPI, holding myself accountable for 250 words per day for ‘as long as possible’. But 100 words for 100 days? I like the sound of that. I think I’ll do this too, following along silently (if you don’t mind, of course).

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