I need to…

…read and sign a contract.

Review a proof.

Explain why I chose a particular title, or change it.

Write two bios (Aargh!)

Create an author photo. (AAAAAARGH!)

Find markets for 4 stories, work out what they want in submission formatting, and submit.

Maybe I can send the family out to hunt the Snark.  That should keep them occupied long enough…

What’s your writing list like?

8 thoughts on “I need to…

  1. Pretty much starting from scratch over here.

    I’m currently reformatting a short story for resubmission and awaiting a response to another. Meanwhile, I’m editing/partially rewriting a novel and querying agents about a film script.
    Once I’ve sold the short fiction in question, I shall begin querying literary agents regarding a previous finished novel.

    Best of luck to everybody else. Dispatch the snark hunters.

  2. Need to: Finish first draft of CoS3
    Keep revising CoS1 (15k done so far!)
    Revise Alpha Slip (10k so far)
    Plot out new cyberpunk novel
    Plot out first in paranormal novella series
    Finish Blacktop pt 4
    Compile 2nd short story collection
    Make tea

  3. Funnily enough I spent time earlier today looking at my writing list… and ended up writing a rough outline for the next YEAR and a HALF! Something daunting about having plans that go on till April 2013…… oops?

  4. My list? Re-editing the set-up of my novel, then getting the Response part finished. For this week, anyway. I can check off three blog postings, at least:-)

  5. lol gotta love gearing up for submissions! I sent three out a couple nights ago which felt good. I am back to just writing now, though thinking its time to polish up the last stories loitering in my ‘to revise’ file and get them on their merry way.
    Good luck with the list! Sounds like a busy time.

  6. My writing list is in edit the chapters until I get to the spot where new stuff should go in. However I don’t know how much I’ll get done running to Texas.

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