Progress post: 100×100

So 2 weeks into the 100×100 challenge, how am I doing?

Days Writing 14
Total Words Written So Far 5,096
Avg Words Written Per Day 364
Highest Count 1,923
Days Missed 3
Number of Days Remaining 86
Projected Total 31,304

Not bad at all.  Putting the butt in the chair every day (well, almost!) has resulted in 5k words in 2 weeks.

Of course, gone are the days when 5k was a couple of days worth of writing…

Oh well!  We work with the time we have.  My personal goal now is to write at least 500 words a day.  We shall see what the next 2 weeks bring.

How are you going?  What are your numbers like for the past 2 weeks?

3 thoughts on “Progress post: 100×100

  1. I managed to get a few more pages edited while in Texas. I had planned on typing up changes today, but plans got changed on me. :p

  2. I’ve been doing this for about 12 days now, and have missed 1 day of writing. Apparently, I’ve managed 1,717 over those days of writing! Which is more than I had guessed before I counted up. I’d really like to improve on that number a little though. We’ll see how the next week goes.

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