Epiphany 2.0 | Author N K Jemisin

Writers need to craft female characters who range across the full spectrum of women’s roles and behavior — and we need to find a way to depict the strength within these women regardless of how “feminine” they are, or aren’t, on the surface. By the same token, readers need to stop embracing only superficial examples of strength in women. We need more than ice queens, or femme fatales, or feisty gun-toting redheads juggling harems of men, or mighty-thewed chainmail bra-wearing Conanettes. We also need librarians and nurses — or loremistresses and doulas, if you prefer.

Read more at: Epiphany 2.0 | Author N K Jemisin.


One thought on “Epiphany 2.0 | Author N K Jemisin

  1. My favorite female characters (unsurprisingly, perhaps) are the mothers, sisters, wives and daughters… The women who inhabit the world of the story without their gender being a massive deal. There to protect and be protected. With threads, posts and entire websites being so obsessed with the women’s role in the world, some guys seem to forget, y’know, they are people too.

    There are times when I could be forgiven for thinking the last two or three hundred years never happened, based solely on the way some people react when they have that revelation.

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