Lifestyle changes

This challenge, by the pure length of it, is more like a lifestyle. You can’t put your life on hold for a third of the year like you can for a month. With all challenges it’s not just a word count or finished story you end up with but writing lessons and life lessons.

via No Excuses. Just Write.: 100 x 100 – Progress Post #3.

Kerryn makes an excellent point here.  The end result of a challenge like 100×100 is not words, it is a better understanding of yourself.

I’ve learned more about how I can fit writing into my new life.  I’ve learned when I am most likely to struggle and, more importantly, I’ve learned how I can overcome it.  I’ve learned that if I just sit down to write 100 words, exhaustion, stress, distractions just fall away.  I get into the moment and before you know it, the words are done.

I’ve also found that it takes me a lot less time than I thought to write 1,000 words.  I’ve been tracking my progress over at 750 Words.  Turns out that 1,000 words takes me about 40 minutes.  Which is nothing in the scope of an entire day.

If I can’t find 40 minutes a day to write, then I might as well stop writing.

There are 4 of us embarking on this challenge at the moment, and it’s been great to see the wordcounts grow from 100 a day to up to 1,000 as people hit their stride.

Want to challenge yourself?  Sign up and join in.

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle changes

  1. I write almost everyday. I used to write at night, but now I find that writing first thing in the morning works best. Then I can go off to work and not get distracted by thinking of all the stuff I want to write. Then at night if I have free time I can write more or catch up on social media stuff. The challenge sounds like a good way to get you motivated to write every day. I wish you lots of good writing days!

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