100×100: halfway there

So it’s actually day 52, but I’ve been busy.  We’re in the middle of a mini-marathon (7,500 in 5 days) and I am struggling to get the words out.  But I’m persevering.

Stats so far:

Days Writing 52
Total Words Written So Far 40,881
Avg Words Written Per Day 786
Highest Count 1,923
Days Missed 4
Number of Days Remaining 48

I’ll have written almost a novel’s worth of words by the end.  Which makes me think it’s time to start another novel.  I’m currently writing a novella which wasn’t on my original plan for the year, but popped it’s head up and said “HEY!”  So, at least it will be out of the way by the end of the month.

I’m well and truly back into the writing groove.  Now I just need to sort out some sort of schedule so I can finish all these unfinished stories languishing on my drive, and I might actually feel like I’m making progress.

Yay for 100×100.  It got me out of the post-move inertia and back into writing like I should be writing.  Every day, regular as clockwork.

Hmm, clockwork…

4 thoughts on “100×100: halfway there

  1. How do you know you’re writing a novella?
    Knowledge of end word count is something that always boggles me, but many writers toss off phrases such as, “I have 28,142 words to go before I’m done!” How can they know this? To me, I never know whether I’m writing a short-short or a multi-series epic until I’m finished with the durn thing.

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