So, yeah, hi.  Remember me?  I used to post here, once.

I’m not dead or hiding.  My family is (finally) back to being healthy.  I’m better than I was, though my back is still being an obstacle to all the things I want to do.

Including writing, of course.

Anyway, remember the poll on what I should write next?  Well, 38% of voters went for The Godmaker’s Daughter (steampunk), 23% went for Echo Station (science fiction, far future) 15% went for The Destiny Engine (science fiction, post-apocalyptic) and 15% went for Owlchild (fantasy, sword and sorcery).

So I’ve been tossing up between The Godmaker’s Daughter and Dark (science fiction, political/thriller) which got no votes at all.  I like both ideas, but they’re so completely different that I can’t make up my mind either way.

I need to take it very slowly, to coddle my damn back so it doesn’t break again.  But I’m going to start, anyway.


5 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Glad everyone is finally healthy.

    One benefit to a standing desk is it has taken away the opportunity to slouch. I probably make up for it at the paying job desk. :/

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