Project 2012: Supplies…

So what do you need to embark on a year-long edit and revision project?

You might need this.

Archie Grand

Or this.

Oranges and Lemons Boutique

Or this.


You might need some of these.

Or these.

These might be useful.

And these.

And these.

And maybe one of these (sentiment included).

You could get this.

Or this.

Liquid Story Binder - Black Obelisk Software

Or this.

SpaceJock Software

But whatever you get, you will definitely need this.

Graphics Fairy

And this.

Stabbed! blog

And this.

 Good Luck!


8 thoughts on “Project 2012: Supplies…

  1. I’ve tried writing software before but something about its organisation rubs me the wrong way — I seem to be much more the kind to “make do” with bits of index card stuck all over the wall!

    Loved this post, though I have to say the guts/intestine threw me off as well!

  2. Seriously, how necessary is the writing software? Because I have no funds for that. (I know yWriter is free but I tried it before and didn’t mesh with it.)

    • Liquid Story Binder is pretty good. I have it. However as long as you have a program like word or works you can for go the other writing programs.

      • I used to use LSB, but found it a bit complex, I’m loving Scrivener for Windows, but I also write longhand and even use a typewriter at times. I’ve found that I think differently with each form of technology.

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