2 thoughts on “25 Things You Should Know About Story Structure

  1. I’ll admit to being skeptical anytime someone offers general advice for revising/restructuring a story. Usually, it’s either too vague or too subjective.

    This post completely allayed my reservations! Every bit of information was highly practical yet specific. Thanks!

  2. Besides all the other great references mentioned in that article, I did watch ‘6 Days to Air’ and love what it has to say about writing quickly.

    If you haven’t seen: It’s a documentary about a TV show going from pre-concept to production in six days flat.
    The scriptwriter talks about what he believes is the main difference between bad writing and good writing:

    This happens, then this happens, and then this happens.
    This happens, therefore this happens, but then this happens.

    So basically replace your ANDS with BUTS and THEREFORES to create a narrative chain.
    What an elloquent way to summarize how to write good fiction.

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