I had great plans for blog posts today.  One on retaining the freshness in your work while you revise and the second on…damnit, something.  Oh yes, how to merge characters and plotlines without going crazy.

But I came home and did my exercises and now I can smell the scent of fresh herbs coming from the kitchen as hubby makes dinner, and I just can’t make my brain cooperate.

So instead, a question, for the 2012 crew and anyone else who wants to play.

What is your favourite aspect of the novel you are currently revising (or writing), and why?  It could be part of the setting, a character, the theme, a particular scene.  What is it that gives you that “yeah” feeling for this particular work?

For my revision WIP, I’m having a great time playing with politics.  They’re an important part of the setting, and really have an impact on the story.  I’ve never written a piece with a political bent before, and it’s fun.

Your turn!  And hopefully a real blog post tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Blip

  1. The “yeah!” factor for me is the overall tone of the book – part comic fantasy, part genre parody. It keeps me entertained, is challenging to write and it keeps me on the look out for ways to play around with existing genre tropes in different ways.

    I’ve discovered this tone lets me do all sorts of things with the plot too, letting me point out how convenient or simply unlikely some things are, but still keep them as part of the story.

  2. Hmmm, things I love. I am enjoying the challenge of keeping so many subplots going in Sun-Touched – I love the world, and the characters, so it’s always fun to write, even when its challenging (like right now!).

    TCM – I adore Mel, the main character. And I love the direction the story is going to move in once I start making changes. I’m really excited to start outlining it :-)

  3. My supporting characters. I have three character that I follow through the entire book, and it’s written from the POV of one of them, but its the other two that make me happy. They are still covered in rough edges, but one is a newer version of a character I liked in a failed story that I’d written several years ago, and the other was an idea that I’d had but never found a place to use, so the fact that I finally get to see them properly realized makes me happy.

  4. I like all of these! I’m excited about one of my characters, that I’ve finally got something of his personality to build on.

  5. My story idea came from my grandmother. She lost her husband early in life and never remarried. After being single/widowed for 50 years she reunited with her high school sweetheart, who had also been widowed. They were married 6 mouths later. They were both 80 when they married. It was my at my grandmother’s wedding that I got the idea for this story. She has since passed but my story lives on. It’s about reclaimed love.

  6. My favourite aspect is the theme. I’m really into history, archaeology, and mythology, and to be writing a book on it pretty much combines everything I love!

  7. It’s my main character that’s intriguing me. The more I learn about him the more fascinated I become. He is a successful novelist in his twilight years suffering an incurable disease as he struggles to complete the final book in a trilogy and satisfy his readership. Today I discovered he has become obsessed with collecting obituaries from newspapers in a search for the perfect obituary for himself!

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