Still pretty quiet here on the blog, but the writing is coming along well.  I hit 20,000 words last night on the rewrite which I’m pleased with.  Tonight I get to pull The Vessel to pieces in preparation for revision.

How about you?  Give us a report on your progress, good or bad!


8 thoughts on “Progress

  1. After a writing and revision free February I’ve finally got back into the first read through. I’m now at 35% and hopeful of only being one month behind by the end of March!

  2. I came back from my birthday vacation to a deadline at the paying job, and just when that started to slack off, I caught a cold. Now that the fever’s broke, I’m still not breathing great, and can’t seem to find motivation to get out of bed. I think I’m about halfway through the read-through, and I finally reached 82,403 words on Stellar Gift of Death.

  3. Hoorays all round for the progress folk are making.
    I haven’t been in the groove for few weeks now, but drag a few words out everyday, kicking and screaming so it is progress just not very fun progress. The fun bits will come back though, so I’m not that concerned.
    Just hit 20k too, which took me by surprise. It’s about a quarter through the plot, so that number feels right.
    I’ve got a date with my planning notes and previous rewrites this morning, hoping that will get me back on track remembering where this is all heading and hopefully feeling that groove again.

  4. I am glad about your progress! Umm… of the two novels that I’m writing, one of them is 25,000 words and the other… isn’t. The one that isn’t happens to move along at a faster pace, which is easier to do with a young adult story. The longer one is pretty heavy material.

  5. Congratulations on your progress. After careful consideration, I recently decided to start a fourth revision of my novel manuscript. I definitely plan on consulting your recent posts during the process.

  6. I’m sitting at 36,500 words at the moment and feeling very happy with my progress. I finally feel like I am in the groove again, like I can just sit down and get some words out no matter what else is going on in my life and it’s a VERY good feeling. So, Sun-Touched is going well. TCM has been ignored a whole lot. I started reworking the beginning, but it felt really stale. Thanks to some good feedback though, I think next time I give it a go I will be closer to getting it right.

    Well done on hitting 20,000 words!!!

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