Just so you know why I’m not posting…

I’m working like mad to catch up.  Rewriting Traitor from scratch and doing the first pass revision on The Vessel.  I don’t have time to waste words at the moment.

Anyway, I’m curious to know who is still in?  I know Cassie, Kerryn and KLC are still going…who else?

12 thoughts on “Just so you know why I’m not posting…

  1. Still kicking (and screaming) along. It’s a busy, busy time at the moment, and fiction has taken a bit of a back seat spot, with more note making, and trajectory plotting than any real editing or writing, but it’s happening even if that is only very, very slowly at the moment.
    Will be back on top soon enough.

  2. There sometimes comes a time in a rewrite attempt when you feel that the story you wrote simply isn’t worth any more time and energy and that you’d be better off getting a job in fast food or real estate, or maybe driving a cab.

    • I don’t think I ever think it’s better to work in fast food! I do often wonder if it’s better to trunk the story and start on the next new shiny idea. Then again, never finished, never published.

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