Project 2012: Questions on revision

Does anyone have a particular question related to revising?  I know I’m tootling along here doing my own thing, and I have some specific posts lined up, but is there anything that you struggle with?  Any part of revising where you simply don’t know where to start?  Anything on a specific aspect of revision that’s giving you grief, such as characters, voice, tension,plot?

Throw them at me and I will answer them this week.


6 thoughts on “Project 2012: Questions on revision

  1. Any tips for plotting a novel you pantsed the first draft of? When I wrote my first draft I didn’t have one and now I’m trying to figure out a plot for my novel because I’m revising it and it’s not working very well.

    • Replotting a several times pantsed novel, myself so I second that issue.

      When that editing process strays too far into the rewriting process, I worry that I’m just pantsing another version of the same story.

    • Me too! I’m usually a total planner but the novel I’m revising was one I wrote for myself without any plan and I threw absolutely anything I wanted into it. Now it’s becoming obvious that I need to completely rewrite anything where the main antagonist is involved. :(

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