Project 2012: an example of revision in action

If you’re having trouble getting to grips with Draft #2, or if you’re curious to see how other people revise, hop over and have a look at Kerryn’s disgustingly organised revision.

It was incredibly refreshing to start the outline of Draft II from scratch. I could follow the flow of the story where it was strongest without the terrible feeling that I was deleting thousands of words or even one scene from the first draft. The whole structure and text from the first draft is still there in Scrivener under the Draft folder. The reference in my spread sheet was enough that I could zoom in to the scene level when I needed to while still allowing me the freedom of restricting the novel as it needed. And so Draft II was born with 40 scenes.

I’m in awe.  My revisions, while following the same process, never look this neat.  Nice work, Kerryn!

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