Wrestling with theme

I am plotting for the Extreme Planets short story, and it’s all going well, except for the theme.

You know when you are trying to remember something, and you just can’t?   That “tip-of-the-tongue” feeling?  That’s what I have with my theme.

Luckily I can still write without having my theme in words.  But still.  The sooner my brain lands on the theme, the better.  I feel incomplete without it.

6 thoughts on “Wrestling with theme

  1. I’m with Stephen King and Graywave on this one. Write the novel the way your heart tells you then see what theme becomes prevalent and make sure it’s clear while revising. Of course everyone has their own way of doing things. Do you have a novel buddy or other person you can talk it over with? They would know more about your content and come from a place of objectivity.

  2. Stephen King reckons he just lets the story reveal its theme – then goes back when he’s finished to make sure it’s properly signalled to the reader where it should be. But I’m with you, I like to know what my story is about before I write it.

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