Cutting hurts

We are cutting down trees today.

My heart is hammering and I feel sick.

I love trees, but unfortunately the person who planted these trees didn’t think before they planted.  One is under the powerlines.  One hovers over the power and phone lines into the house.  One is right up against a window.

So they have to go.  But I hate doing it.  I hate destroying something so beautiful.

I console myself with the thought that as soon as they are gone I will plant more, in the right place this time. Trees carefully chosen for height and shape and location.  Trees that will glow with beauty, attract birds and bees, form a shelter for fauna and privacy for us.

I console myself with this and try not to cry while the trees come down.

Okay, so maybe I cried a bit.

But they had to come down.  Sometimes you make hard decisions, and then you grieve, and then you pick yourself up and move forward.

In life, and in writing.

5 thoughts on “Cutting hurts

  1. Awe… that’s so sad. I bought my current peice of property because I loved the wooded lot it backed up to. I tried to buy the lot, but someone outbid me.

    Would you believe they cut down all the trees? I cried for weeks. Now I look at the back of their house every morning when I wake up, instead of my beautiful trees. sad.

    I understand that they can be dangerous too close to man-made stuff. These trees, though, were just in the way

  2. I know your pain. Some genius thought it was a good idea to plant a fig tree right beside the fence and we have to remove it soon. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off because I hate to cut down a tree. I know I’ll cry when I finally get around to it.

  3. The neighbors sold their home a few years ago, and on the advice of their sales agent cut down several lovely, ancient Western Red Cedars. She convinced them it would make the property more saleable. :(

    Surely you can guess what the people who moved are doing…

    Yep, planting trees.

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