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Tianzi Mountain or Heaven’s Son Mountain

I’m having a lot of fun with my current novella.  It’s high fantasy, something I haven’t written in many years.  It’s a story about forgiveness, and pain, and finding courage again.  The story location was inspired by the beautiful Tianzi Mountains in China (pictured).

I’ve also been having a lot of fun putting together images related to the novella on Pinterest.  If you’re on Pinterest, let me know!

This is the beginning of the second scene.

The first time I knew I would marry Kamon I was carrying a baby to the sacred pool. It was Usimi I carried in my arms, the first child I would bless alone after I had sent my mother’s bones to the forest below.

The baby’s family surrounded me in a chattering crowd, so I did not notice when he began to follow. At the ropeway platform I turned to speak to the baby’s mother and I saw him. He perched in a tree that clung to the side of the rock, hanging out over the gap.

He was looking straight at me.

I turned away, pretended I hadn’t seen him, but I could feel his gaze on the back of my neck. I knew he was married already, to the beautiful Siri. On the pretense of settling the child I glanced his way again. He met my gaze, possessiveness in his eyes. His arrogance stirred something inside me.

I turned away from the throng and stepped to the edge of the platform. I held the baby securely against me and raised one arm.

The wind came at my bidding and lifted me up and over the gap. There were gasps and shrieks and then a cheer as I landed on the other side, the babe secure in my arms.

I turned and met Kamon’s stare openly. I remember his lips curving up in a smile. The wind tore down upon us, dancing around the crowd, whipping hair and clothes about. I stood unmoved in the disturbance, my eyes on Kamon.

If he wanted me, I would not be an easy prize.

Feel free to post a snippet of your own, either in the comments or on your own blog, and tell us a little about what you are working on.

3 thoughts on “Snippet share

  1. Going with a snippet from Stellar Gift of Death, which is a mystery set in an intergalactic community with FTL and lots of aliens.

    She gave the address of Xeryl’s home to the driver. “Xeryl wouldn’t ignore communiques from so many sources. I knew we shouldn’t split up. Nothing good ever comes from splitting up.” Her hand reached her hair and gave it a sharp tug to keep her in the here and now.
    Mealte’s head tilted to the side. “If you permit me an observation, Mistress, sentient Xeryl is cunning. The tkultaraas will not find him easy prey.”
    “So I shouldn’t give up?” She glanced away from the Ger traffic to her companion. Her vidplayer chirped before Mealte spoke, so she answered it. Sara’s visual persona appeared on the viewscreen. “Redirect a communiqué from Agent Murdock.” His molded face replaced Sara’s holographic one. “Zy, the last time your records were accessed was at the IGA House on Pathic 7. I’m enroute—“ The vidplayer went dead.
    “What the hell?” Zy shook it.
    “Did something go wrong with the power source?” Mealte asked.
    “Nothing ever goes wrong with their power sources.”

  2. I like that she’s not going to make it easy for him ;p
    My current novel is about a young woman from our world being drawn into another world where every detail of your life is predetermined by the Gods and her only hope of return is to join a group of dissidents and convince the Gods to loosen the chains of destiny that bind the world.

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