Grey skies

I normally like grey skies.  In Queensland, traditionally, grey skies are a summer thing, part of suffocating humidity, zithering cicadas and, well, summer.

It’s winter, and it’s been raining for four days. 

What the hell, winter.  This is Queensland!  Winter is a time for sapphire skies and crisp, clear days and being outside without being burned to a crisp.

I object to this miserable cold weather.  We left Perth to get away from this morass, though as my husband reminded me, at least there’s no wind.

Enough!  I call Shenanigans.  Bring back a proper subtropical winter, please.  I need some blue skies.

4 thoughts on “Grey skies

  1. I concur. I moved to Queensland to be spared bitter cold winters. A pox on you freezing weather, if I must suffer this I would rather live in Jindabyne and go skiing on weekends instead >:P

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