On Writing

Here are all the posts I have written on the craft of writing.  Feel free to comment, even if the post is old – I’ll always check back.

Advice and encouragement

Bob the Builder’s advice to writers


Drawing water from the well


Ideas are all around

She’s not the boss of me: dealing with the muse

The craft of writing:

Applied Description: a demonstration

Selling yourself:

Networking and Marketing: Lessons Learned

On Criticism:

The Yin-Yang of Writing

How to Interpret Criticism

How to Apply Criticism and Not Lose Your Mind

The Techniques Series:

Techniques to get you writing, Part 1: The psychology of failure

Techniques to get you writing, Part 2: Working with goals

Techniques to get you writing, Part 3: Using wordcounts to gain momentum

Liquid Story Binder Tutorials:

Liquid Story Binder Tutorial Part 1: setting up for brainstorming

Liquid Story Binder Tutorial Part 2a: Setting up to write for plotters

Liquid Story Binder Tutorial Part 2b: Setting up to write for pantsers


Stop! Grammar Time: passed and past

Stop! Grammar Time: the misuse of ’s

10 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. I love your blog. I discovered it thanks to Liquid Story Binder XE tutorials. Where’s your RSS feed? *sobs* I love writting and I love your style…

    Signed: just another weird request :D

  2. Interesting and helpful. I just completed a book and have discovered that finding and agent or a publisher is a much more difficult process than writing several books. Your information looks very helpful, and I’ll browse about a bit if you don’t mind.

  3. Stopped by after seeing your name on the blogroll of Graham Storrs.
    In the words of the great gubernator…I’ll be back!

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