Just so you know why I’m not posting…

I’m working like mad to catch up.  Rewriting Traitor from scratch and doing the first pass revision on The Vessel.  I don’t have time to waste words at the moment.

Anyway, I’m curious to know who is still in?  I know Cassie, Kerryn and KLC are still going…who else?



I had great plans for blog posts today.  One on retaining the freshness in your work while you revise and the second on…damnit, something.  Oh yes, how to merge characters and plotlines without going crazy.

But I came home and did my exercises and now I can smell the scent of fresh herbs coming from the kitchen as hubby makes dinner, and I just can’t make my brain cooperate.

So instead, a question, for the 2012 crew and anyone else who wants to play.

What is your favourite aspect of the novel you are currently revising (or writing), and why?  It could be part of the setting, a character, the theme, a particular scene.  What is it that gives you that “yeah” feeling for this particular work?

For my revision WIP, I’m having a great time playing with politics.  They’re an important part of the setting, and really have an impact on the story.  I’ve never written a piece with a political bent before, and it’s fun.

Your turn!  And hopefully a real blog post tomorrow.

It’s the new year

I have a number of goals for this year, but of course the writing one you already know: Project 2012.

I can see my manuscript if I look to the left.  Every time I look, I get a little wriggle of excitement in my gut.

It’s going to be a great year.

How are you feeling?  Ready?  Excited?  Overwhelmed?

Leave a comment with your writing goals for 2012.

Oh, and happy new year!

Fireworks on the Story Bridge, Brisbane.

The Self-Aggrandizing Self-Publishing Kings: Extreme Rhetoric, Inflammatory Language and Ulterior Motives « The Undiscovered Author

Where are the strong advocates with moderate language?  Where are the strong advocates who aren’t trying to sell you on why you should self-publish, but only tell the story of why it was right for them?  Where are the strong advocates who are actually self-publishing and not taking a major deal with a corporate sponsor on the sly?  Where are the strong advocates who have succeeded on their own merits, and not based on the prior support of the traditional publishing industry?  These people exist – of that I am sure – but we don’t hear enough about them.  Amanda Hocking, for instance, is invoked only as an example of “See, it can be done! You can make a killing digitally self-publishing!”

Read the whole excellent article at: The Self-Aggrandizing Self-Publishing Kings: Extreme Rhetoric, Inflammatory Language and Ulterior Motives « The Undiscovered Author.

Strange Horizons Fiction: One-Eyed Jack’s, by Tracy Canfield

This is fiction as it should be.

She oughter do something about the Sing. She oughter do something about One-Eyed Jack’s. But if she took one of them on, the other would have the valley to itself; and she wasn’t certain she had the strength to fight them both, what with keeping one eye on I-79 every minute of the day.

Read the rest at Strange Horizons Fiction: One-Eyed Jack’s, by Tracy Canfield.  And then go have a look at Tracey’s blog, Alien Tongues.


Being the all-or-nothing gal that I am, I’ve been concentrating all my focus on getting settled back into the house and working on the new job.  So much so that 2 months(!!) have gone by.

Where did they go?  I just can’t get my head around the fact that we have been here two months already.  I haven’t written a thing, but the house and garden are starting to take shape and work is exhausting but brilliant.

So in case you haven’t guessed, the sequel to the Creativity Workshop is off for another year.  But maybe now that I’ve surfaced, I can get back to regular posting.  And writing, well, there are a pile of notebooks that need transcribing, and a novella to finish, and some stories that really need to go out on submission before the dust on them starts growing potatoes…

Sorry!  I hope everyone is well and enjoying the winter/summer (depending on where you are).  Drop me a line and tell me what you have been up to so far, and explain why it’s June already…

The blues

I can’t stop sneezing.

My fountain pen is dry, and has been for months.

I’ve forgotten how to multi-task.

I keep falling asleep in the chair after work.

My garden is only half dug over.

I think I need to go to bed and start again tomorrow.