AustinTranslation: The Animator Letters Project

Back in May, an aspiring animator named Willie Downs sent me an invitation to contribute to his Animator Letters Project (a hand-written snail mail invitation, no less!). Willie is planning on compiling the letters he receives into a book, and while he’s only gotten a few responses (my buddy Aaron was the first to respond), they’re all fairly inspiring!

I wasn’t going to post the letter until Willie published his book, but Letters of Note put it up on their site, and I’ve been getting the most awesome and uplifting feedback from people. So here it is for anyone who needs a word of encouragement today.

Read the complete letter at: AustinTranslation: The Animator Letters Project.

Guest post: The Reader as Musician: The Interpretation of Art as Creative Act by John Robert Ladd

I hadn’t met John before the workshop, but I wanted to hear from a poet on the nature of creativity.  When I asked the Twitterati for a contact, John’s name came up.  As soon as I visited his site and read one of his essays, I knew I had found the voice I wanted.  John challenges my preconceptions of art in the digital age.  Today he’s here to talk about creativity from the perspective of the reader.

The Reader as Musician: The Interpretation of Art as Creative Act

CC via Margolove

By its nature, the creative mind is original. In order to create something, that something can never before have been created. This is why artists leap to the forefront of our minds when we think of creatives: they make something concrete, a poem, a painting, a song, that we can point to as utterly original. Labeling an artist as a creative person is easy, because of the kind of work she produces. Continue reading