Project 2012: First check-in

So have you started yet?  Have you pulled out the old manuscript, blown off the dust and opened the first page?  Have you developed your spreadsheet and started to read Chapter 1?  (If you want more information in your spreadsheet, have a look at the one developed by Kerryn.)

Or have you looked at this daunting task and wandered off to re-organise the bathroom cupboard contents by colour?

Or maybe you are caught up in plotting your new novel?  How’s that going?

This is a check-in post!  If you are participating, write a comment on your progress. This is also an opportunity to ask for help from myself and the other writers who are participating, or talk about some aspect of revision or writing that you would like more information on.

Talk about your fears and aspirations.  Get excited!  And if you haven’t already, pull out those manuscripts and get started.