New writing community and short story market

Just a quick heads up about two new sites you might find interesting.

The Write Turn is a community blog about writing.

There are a million or more pieces of writing advice, pearls of wisdom, tips, tricks, Dos and Do Nots when it comes to any kind of writing. Some bits of writing advice are GREAT. Others not so. What will work for one writer will be the death of another.

Our writers write a lot of different things – novels, blogs posts, essays, eBooks, short stories, pages like the one you’re reading now – and we have all come across an entire universe full of writing advice and know how from countless writers wanting to share what works for them. Or doesn’t.

The Write Turn brings together the best of writing know how from around the web and shares it with you.

If you are a writing blogger and interested in joining the community, contact Kate Krake here.

And for new and emerging writers who are looking for somewhere to submit, Headspring Press is:

…a new website and quarterly electronic journal celebrating new writing, comics and art.

When we’re talking about “new” writers and artists, we’re not only interested in the unheard voices scribbling their stories in dark corners. Our dedication to new and emerging writers is all about helping writers spread their wings (and their words). Whether you’ve just written your first short story, or you’ve just had your first novel published, we’d love to hear from you.

Every edition of Headspring Press will feature a selection of short stories, non-fiction as well as comic works and art from new, emerging, and more established writers and artists. We’ll also offer space online and in our journal to get to know the creators behind the works, as well as featuring interviews with professional writers and artists. And that’s just the beginning!

We’re particularly interested in Australian voices, but we’re open to the world.

Headspring Press is a non-paying market, in other words, you get a copy of your work and exposure on the website.  Which, if you’re looking for a non-confrontational way to start submitting, is a good place to begin.  Submission Guidelines are here.