Closing address: Writing and the hero’s journey by Kim Falconer

I hadn’t met Kim before the workshop, but I had seen one of my twitbuddies talking to her.  I approached her with some trepidation about writing a closing address for the workshop, expecting a polite refusal, but instead meeting a wonderfully kind and encouraging author.  I am delighted that Kim accepted my request to close the workshop, and I know you are going to appreciate what she has to say.

Writing and the Hero’s Journey

Follow your bliss and doors will open where once there were only walls.  Joseph Campbell

Introduction: All writers are on a hero’s journey. They face the same challenges as Jason and the Argonauts, Psyche and Eros, or any other person who ever stepped out of their comfort zone and into the unknown.  To fully appreciate this is to come into alignment with oneself. The first step is awareness and that means seeing the adventure for what it is—an archetypal journey. It can mean the difference between feeling helpless or powerful, stuck or fulfilled. Continue reading