Writing in Kenya – Juliet Maruru

Juliet Maruru is a writer living in Kenya.  She manages the web presence of Story Moja Africa, a new publisher, and is an advocate for women’s rights, as well as building her writing career.  And she does all this while battling the debilitating chronic disease Lupus.

Kenya, for the geographically challenged, is a country on the east coast of Africa, right on the equator, in the same region as Somalia and Ethiopia.  As late as 1957, Kenya was still a British colony, and it has had a turbulent political history both pre- and post-colonialism.

I’m delighted to welcome Juliet to the blog.  Readers, grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair, and get to know Juliet Maruru.

MF: Hi Juliet, and welcome to the blog!  First off, can you tell us when and why you decided to write?

JM: I started writing when I was about 10, with a bit of encouragement from my stepfather. I did not really take much interest in it, except for the occasional stories I wrote and then hid. When I was 13/14, I was going through a difficult emotional period after being sexually assaulted by a family friend. I went into psychological therapy, and my therapist encouraged me to write, more for myself than for anyone else.

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