I had great plans for blog posts today.  One on retaining the freshness in your work while you revise and the second on…damnit, something.  Oh yes, how to merge characters and plotlines without going crazy.

But I came home and did my exercises and now I can smell the scent of fresh herbs coming from the kitchen as hubby makes dinner, and I just can’t make my brain cooperate.

So instead, a question, for the 2012 crew and anyone else who wants to play.

What is your favourite aspect of the novel you are currently revising (or writing), and why?  It could be part of the setting, a character, the theme, a particular scene.  What is it that gives you that “yeah” feeling for this particular work?

For my revision WIP, I’m having a great time playing with politics.  They’re an important part of the setting, and really have an impact on the story.  I’ve never written a piece with a political bent before, and it’s fun.

Your turn!  And hopefully a real blog post tomorrow.