Guest post: Creativity and Trust by Jeremy C. Shipp

Anytime you encounter clowns or gnomes, you need to spend a moment to pity poor Jeremy, who deals with both on a daily basis and still manages to stay sane.  Well, mostly sane. And what is sanity anyway? Just a state of mind. I make no comments on Jeremy’s state of mind, other than to say that I have never been brave enough to read his stories. I like to sleep with the light off, thank you. Today Jeremy is here to talk about a very important issue; trust.

Creativity and Trust

Once upon a time, in a semi-magical town called Beautiful Hill, there lived a boy who wrote a book about a space alien with jagged teeth and an affinity for opera. I was 13 when I wrote my first novel, and I’ve been writing almost constantly ever since.

Early on, I didn’t think about the creative process. I simply enjoyed it. I wrote what I felt like writing. I didn’t hold anything back. I didn’t edit myself. In a manner of speaking, I was living in a creative Eden.

Then, when I was about 18, I decided that I didn’t just want to be a writer. I wanted to be a publisher writer. Continue reading