Share your insights

No article today guys, sorry.  A couple of things are kicking me around, so I’m retreating to my burrow to recuperate.

So I’d like to hear from you.  Share something you’ve learned from your journey as a writer.  I don’t mean a “writing rule”, I mean something you’ve learned about yourself or people or writing in general.

What I’ve learned is that, no matter what happens in my life, the stories never go away.  I turn around and there they are, waiting patiently.  I have a novel, 3 novellas and 14 short stories in my WIP tracker, all unfinished, but I just have to think about them and I can recall the plot and the ending for all of them.  All in my head, ready to write when I have the time.

So why can’t I remember to buy sugar?  Damn brain.

Your turn!  Tell me what you’ve learned as you’ve travelled the path on your writing journey.  Talk amongst yourselves.  I look forward to reading your responses!