I don’t know about you, but my writing progress tends to go in fits and starts.  I’ll be rabbiting along, getting nowhere, and then I’ll write something amazing which sells fast and I will feel like I’ve made progress, like I’ve reached a new level in my writing.

And then I’ll rabbit along at that level for a while, feeling like I’m going nowhere again.

I’m at the rabbiting stage at the moment.  I’ve made some good sales, I can see improvement in my writing, but I’m not producing the amazing writing that I aspire to.  I feel like I am in writing limbo.

There are three ways to make progress in any skill.  One is practice, which you have to do a LOT.  The second is self-learning, where you concentrate on one particular skill until you’ve improved it.  The last one is learning from another, whether it’s a mentor, a writing course or a workshop.

I feel like I’m in need of that sort of learning.  I’ve been practicing like a manic.  I read the best, and I try to learn as much as I can about how the best writers do it.

But in terms of the third way to progress, I’m stuck.  There aren’t that many workshops and courses available where I am, and most of them are for beginning writers.  And as for SFF writers, well…they are few and far between.

So, I’m in limbo.  Back to writing and subbing and trying to get somewhere.

P.S. Apparently this is my 150th post.  Woo!

9 thoughts on “Limbo

    • Thanks Brian, I appreciate that :) I think writers have a great sharing attitude towards things we’ve learned along the way. It makes for a friendly, supportive community.

  1. Happy 150th post :D Mine goes in fits and starts as well, and I always feel like I’m going somewhere, whether it’s any good or not is another thing ;)

    Do you do cons? I hear they have panels for stuff like this and apparently they can be useful. I have no personal experience however as the ones I would go to always manage to fall on inconvenient dates :)

  2. I think your writing is pretty damned good anyway, and you certainly have great analytical skills – so probably not much more explicit learning to do. You probably do need either the mastercalss style of workshop (and the only one I know that would suit is the fabulously expensive Clarion workshop) or individual mentoring by somebody you respect. You might try looking at the Brisbane Writers Centre (or the ones in other states) to see who is offering mentoring programmes at the moment.

    • Clarion South is unfortunately in indefinite hiatus as they can’t find a venue. I finally have the time and money to go to it…and it’s not running. Aargh.

      I’ve been looking at the Brisbane Writer’s Centre, actually, and the Writer’s Festival coming up. Maybe I should bite the bullet and join up and see what opportunities are there. Are you a member?

      • do the Brisbane Writers Festival!!!!! and try the center. you can always wander off if it is not to your taste or style. I could even come along as support crew and look all literate and stuff :-)

      • Hi M. I used to be a BWC member, but I didn’t see any benefit from it. I didn’t think any of their courses, retreats, mentoring programs, etc. were affordable – even though I often drooled over them. In the end, I decided if I wasn’t going to spend lots of money with them, there was no point being a member.

        I went to the Brisbane Writers Festival about 3 years ago. At the time, I didn’t know anyone except a couple of people – and they didn’t know anyone. Being the shy type, I didn’t meet anyone new. It was interesting but totally useless :-(

  3. Happy 150th post! You need to make an awesome writer friend who is a couple steps ahead of you :-) not sure where you can find one though, sorry.
    Unfortunately, you’re right about most of the courses around being for beginner writers. There is very little for those who are making some sales but wanting to push their writing further, unless you want to go to the next extreme and do the end game uni stuff.
    Hope you find a solution, or a way to push ahead and see some more growth

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