Project 2012: Program outline

Before 2012:

  • Supplies and a plan

2012: Q1

The first quarter is all about the big picture.  You’ll be looking at your story as a whole.  This is the phase where you chop entire sections, revisit soggy plot devices and give those wimpy characters some backbone.

  • Hook versus climax
  • Plot arc
  • Character arcs
  • Mapping tension
  • Voice, tone and language

Worksheets: chapter list, timeline, character journey

2012: Q2

Second quarter is all about the chapters, zooming in to make sure that each section of your book develops the story, advances the plot and illustrates character development.   You’ll be looking at flow and movement and making sure each chapter strengthens the work and moves the story forward. For each chapter you’ll be looking at:

  • Hook to climax – chapter
  • Rising tension
  • Character development

Worksheets: scene list, locations and events, character journey

2012: Q3

Third quarter is getting into the nitty-gritty of scenes.

  • Scene structure
  • Words and phrases
  • Tension in every word

No worksheets for this phase.  This is where you make choices about words, about how you tell the story, about dialogue, about description and language and colour.  This is where your rough words become poetry.

2012: Q4

The fourth quarter is about getting ready to submit.  It’s about finishing up any polishing.  It’s about writing a synopsis that captures your novel.  It’s about drafting a query that makes people want to read your novel.  It’s about researching agents and publishers, ready to submit on January 1, 2013.

The new first draft

And in between all this, you will be aiming to write at least 2,000 words a week on your new novel.  Which is achievable for any one of us.

10 thoughts on “Project 2012: Program outline

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  5. Merilee, I want to climb on board – but just for the new novel that is bubbling in me. I want to put #1 firmly on the shelf for a while and let number 2 come out and I’m keen to do it within the confines of 2012.

  6. I LOVE how you are breaking it down. I can’t wait to get started! I’m really, really, really excited about getting supplies, too :-) Squee!

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