Singing the procrastination song

I’m 200 words from my daily goal, typing quietly beside my son as he goes to sleep.  Finding it very hard today to get a rhythm going.

So far I have looked up natural salt licks, nucleic acid, the origin of ‘philistine’, and, of course Pinterest.  Then I checked my blog stats, and I discovered that someone found my blog by searching for ‘erotic sex fiction with mutant spiders’.

What the hell.

Other winners are ‘how to submit a longhand novel’ (good luck with that!),

I want to rip myself apart and start again (there are less painful roads to self-improvement),

dug her heels into the horse reared (erm…),

plo (I like the surreal overtones),

computer mother flashing nots (This one just begs for a short story),

trampoline newtons laws child adult (I can blame Marcus Chown for that one),

stop procrastinating and start writing (I will…in a minute…),

how to graffiti the word Tyson (Tama, that one is totally your fault),

and ulterior self (which sounds suspicious to me).

Okay.  He’s still not asleep, and I still have 200 words to go.

7 thoughts on “Singing the procrastination song

  1. There is actually a procrastination song, by a man called Jay Foreman. It is a pretty accurate description of how I procrastinate. You should definitely check it out.

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